Maintain optimal health of the team with the right allocations at the project and activity level

If your team is multi-tasking between projects, Cubyts can now aid you with project-level team member allocations. That means, once the activities are assigned to the team members, you will be able to allocate hours as per member roles. This feature will also show you overall utilization and alert you if a team member is under-allocated or over-utilized. 

Here are 6 reasons why Project level allocations is a super feature for maintaining optimal team health for any design team!

  1. Get a quick view of team member's availability 
  2. Manage allocations at the time of activity assignments
  3. Optimize utilization of team members
  4. Effective multi-tasking
  5. Allocate time based on member roles and skills

Follow these steps  set-up allocations for your project teams;

Managing Allocation from the Project Teams Page:

Step1 - Add contributing team members

Add team members to a project and change their authorization to owner/contributor. Allocation can only be managed for contributing team members. Learn how to add team members from here

Image: Add team members from inside the teams page 

Step 2 - Manage work-time settings 

Once you have added team members, go to the 'Work time settings' to adjust your member's work hours and working days. This will help you get the total possible allocation for your team. You can see this data on the Teams page header. Once the set-up is done, click 'save' to readjust (Note: This function is enabled only for the super administrator of the workspace who is also a de-facto owner of all the projects).

Image: Work time settings Modal 

Step 3 - Define the overall allocation for every member of the team based on their role

1.  On the Teams page (switch to the list view for an easier experience), the allocation column will default to 100% for each user. Based on their role and their requirement in the project, you can choose to adust this percentage for each member (Note: This function is enabled for all project owners).

2. Next to the allocation column is the utilization column which will display the actual utilization of this member. Utilization is calculated based on the sum total of hours of all activities the user is assigned to. Thus, you can understand if the member is over-loaded or under-allocated and adjust either (allocation or utilization)

Image: Allocation and Utilization column on the Team page

Step 4 - Manage  the utilization of each member based on their activity assignments

1. Click on an individual member to see which activities they are assigned to and how is their time divided across these activities. You can adjust activity level involvement over here. The system will inform you if there are date overlaps or if the member is over-utilized.

2. Add/ Manage activities over here

Click on the assign activity CTA on the side panel to assign activities. You can add more activities over here or even unassign the user from these activities.

You can also manage an individual members activity involvement from the Roadmap page

Go to the roadmap and click on 'assign activity on the activity card on the Kanban view (Note: This function is enabled for all project owners).

4.  View your team members' Calendar to check their availability

In the Member side panel on the Team Page, Click on the Calendar tab to see their available days. These are the days when no activity is assigned to them.

Coming soon : Workspace allocations