Have you just been invited to join a Cubyts.com account and feel completely lost? We understand! It can be overwhelming at first, so we have created this article with our top five steps to help you get started on an existing account!

Step 1 - Click on the link in the mailbox.
As soon as someone sends you an invite from the existing workspace, you'll receive an email in your inbox with username and password credentials for that existing workspace. Click on 'Go to Cubyts' and enter your credentials. 

Step 2 - Login to Cubyts 
Enter your username and password credentials as given in the mail and enter the existing workspace you are invited to. 

Step 3 - Reset your password.
On the next screen, you will be asked to reset your password.  
Step 4 - Set up your profile.
To customize your profile, click on the camera on your screen's top right side and upload your picture. You will be able to upload a profile picture and edit your details. Click on the Let's start button and kick-start your journey to Cubyts.  


Step 5 - Join the existing workspace.

  • What is a Workspace?
    In short, Workspaces provide your organization to better manage multiple departments, teams, and projects in one unified platform. Workspaces are essential to understand when joining an existing account to ensure that you can properly organize your account and access relevant information.

  • Joining an existing workspace - As soon as you get started, you'll land on a roadmap where all activities, tasks, and a clear understanding of who is assigned what is explicitly visible. You can start adding your files or comments on the activity or task level.