There are 2 methods of adding Goals and Metrics 

1) Creating a goal from the playbook

2) Creating a goal from a project

Both the methods are illustrated below: 

1) Creating a goal from the playbook

In a situation where you have clarity of the goals before initiating a project, you could trigger it directly from the playbook. Follow thes4 steps - 

Step1 - Go to Playbook > Goals and Metrics and click on 'Add goal'

A side panel will open up asking you for details. Go ahead and add your goal description

Image: All goals view, where one can change the view to see metric-wise progress, metric category-wise progress, and framework-wise progress.

Image: Add goal side panel

Step 2 - Associate with a new project or existing project

Just type in the name of the new project and click on create 'new project name' to associate this goal with the new project. Alternatively, if you want to associate this goal with an existing project, just pick the project from the dropdown (see images a. and b.

Image a. Adding a new project and associating it with the goal

Image b. Associating an existing project with the goal

Step 3 - Associate with a metric category, metrics, and associated activities 

Identify the metric category you want to associate the goal with and proceed to add your metrics and measurement activities. 

Image: Associating an existing project with the goal

Step 4 - Start working towards your goal

Every metric you add as part of your goal gets added as an activity inside your project roadmap. You can start updating your targets inside the allotted activity and thus keep a track of your goal!

Image: Metric based activity added to Design Roadmap inside a project

Image: Inside the activity, showing a side panel where target updates can be made and logged

Please note: In the Playbook, you will be able to see goals across projects, depending upon your authorization. 

2) Creating a goal from inside the projects

Step 1 - Go to the respective project

Step 2 -  Go to goals and metrics and click on Add Goal

The rest of the steps are the same as above, the only difference is project association is not required.