Please Note: Members are added at 2 levels in Cubyts, one at the workspace level and one at the project level. It is possible for a user to be a member of a workspace but not have access to all projects within it. Similarly, a user that is invited to a project may not have the authorization to view or manage a workspace.

Step1 - Go to projects > teams

Step 2 - Click on add members

Image: Add member pop-up

Step 3 - Add member email ids, assign authorizations and send an invite

The invited member could be a viewer, a contributor, or an owner.

Image: Add member pop-up, changing authorizations as per requirement 

Step 4 - Change authorizations as and when needed from the team member card

Authorization can be changed by the project owner after the invite is sent or at any time during the project life cycle.

Image: Context menu on. member card showing options to manage authorization or cancel the invitation.

Image: Modal window for managing authorization