Step1Create a standard design process (or alternatively go with an existing process as recommended by Cubyts during the project creation) 

Step 2 - Click on Add project and start adding the details

Image: Adding project name while creating a new project 

Step 3 - Select project type

You can pick one of the templates or create a blank one by selecting blank/custom.

Image: Selecting a project type

Step 4 - Select customized design process

You can select the default blank design process if you want to start from scratch, or you could pick from one of the template processes provided. 

Image: Selecting a design process

Step 5 - Add members

Invite project members 

Step 6-  Your project is created, your process is laid out in the roadmap

You can customize this roadmap by changing the dates, adding removing, and editing activities. You can even change the design process before the project has started.

Image: Design Roadmap

Step 7 - Add your team members

Once you have added members and given them authorizations, you can go back to you Roadmap and assign all activities to team members.

Image: Adding more team members

Step 8  -  Add your project brief

Adding your project brief is a vital step for setting 

up your project. This is where you can connect your project to a larger vision and detail the other aspects of the project. Adding a project brief will help your team to align.

Image: Project Brief

Step 10  -  Add your goals 

Establish what you want to achieve at the end of the project by adding a goal and defining the metrics. You can either do it from the roadmap or from the main navigation, as illustrated in the image. 

Image: Adding goals and metrics

Image: Panel for setting up goals

Step 11 - If needed, create your budget estimate 

Image: Budget calculator