At Cubyts, we help you to understand your organization's Design Maturity through a basic self-assessment. Based on your feedback, we analyze you across 6 different pillars of design maturity identified by us and also give out some basic recommendations that can help you improve in these areas. Here is how you can do a basic self-assessment.

Please Note: Only authorized members in the workspace can take the maturity assessment.

Step 1 - Go to playbook > Design Maturity

Image: The default view when user lands on design maturity

Step 2 - Click on Take self-assessment  and fill out the assessment formImage: When assessment is triggered

Image: Assessment questions

Step 3 - Get the report and see the recommendations

Image: Report_ Explanation of what being on a certain level could mean

Image:  Spider chart of the scores across different pillars of maturity

Image: Individual pillar scores

Step 4 - Act on the recommendationsImage:  Recommendations