Step1 - As soon as you log in to your Cubyts workspace, you can change your workspace from the drop-down on the top left-hand side of the screen. Under each workspace, you can view all your projects.

Step 2 - To create a new project, click on add project and start adding the details. Enter the project name.

Step 3 - Select the project type name and a design process. You can pick one of the templates of the project type offered by Cubyts, such as MVP or Proof of Concept, or create a blank one. For each project type, Cubyts recommend templated Design Process to pick from. You can select the default blank design process if you want to start from scratch, or you can pick from one of the template processes provided. 

Step 4 - Add members - Invite members to your project. Once all your team members are added, you can either review the Roadmap or start adding the design brief.

Step 5-  Your project is created, and your process is laid out in the roadmap.

You can customize this roadmap by changing the dates and removing and editing activities. You can even change the design process before the project has started.